The Bayless-Brown Family

I have had the distinct honor of knowing this woman for around 25yrs, and today my family & I got to spend the afternoon with her family.  They have never had family or couples photographs taken, and I was all too happy to make both happen for them.  I love how you can just feel the love coming from these photos.  These make my heart happy.

Unicorn Birthday Party

Today we celebrated my daughter’s 8th birthday with a magical Unicorn Party at A&T Haight Ranching and Rescue.  Just before we arrived, one of their mares gave birth to a handsome foal.  Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Haights!  Not only did they have a Unicorn, but they also have a Zebra and Miniature Cows too…among many other furry and feathery friends to discover in their petting zoo.  We will definitely be back to the ranch for a trail ride soon.  They have the sweetest horses.